Moza’s Story

When she went into labour in November, 2008, in a refugee camp 1500 kilometres away from her home, Fraser Kibungu never expected that her child would have a deformity. Fraser had recently fled with her husband, Alan, and a 2½ year old child from the violence that ravaged the eastern Congo late in 2008. Already under a lot of stress, the couple were shocked to see that their new daughter Moza’s right foot was twisted in a clubfoot deformity. The couple were living in a refugee camp in central Malawi, and were wrongly advised by their community that the child’s deformity was a result of Fraser favouring one side only when she slept during her pregnancy.
Wracked with concern and doubt, the couple made enquiries to find out whether anything could be done to help their daughter. Eventually a friend of the family in Blantyre advised them that there was a hospital in his city which treated children with disabilities.

Hopeful, Fraser and Alan made their way to the Beit CURE International Children’s Hospital. They were seen by the rehabilitation team who confirmed to the couple that their daughter could be treated with a series of plaster casts using the Ponseti Method. In fact, the team managed to correct Moza’s foot in only three plaster casts at their regular weekly clubfoot clinic. Thrilled, Alan and Fraser are now following a brace wearing schedule to maintain their daughter’s excellent correction so they can ensure she will grow up to face a hopeful future.

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